Tuition and Other Estimated Costs

Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition estimated program costs per trimesters for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Expense Description Cost
Tuition per trimester $15,3751
Application Fee (one time only) $50
Graduate ASUOP Student Fee $30
Professional Liability Insurance No cost to student
Wellness Fee $165
Health Insurance TBD per term2
Physical Examination, Immunizations $200 (flu and TB test renewed annually)
Background check and Toxicology Screen $120
Housing/Meals/Transportation $4,000 (location, accommodations-specific if single/shared)
Auto Insurance Varies (student responsibility)
Textbooks and Reference Materials ~$550-$600
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Student Membership/California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Student Membership (renewed annually) $65/year (CAND free for student Academy members) enables access to Evidence Analysis Library® used for systematic reviews in 8 courses
Nutrition Care Professionals (NCPro) (one time only) $120 (covers 18-month access)3
EHR Go (one time only; 2nd trimester) $454
ServSafe Manager Certification (one time only) You may choose either method described below this table.
Slip-Resistant Shoe Coverings (one time only) $8.99
Cut Gloves (one time only) $8.99
Professional Development/Conference Attendance (Food and Nutrition Conference Expo, California Academy Annual Meeting, or similar) $1,000 (optional)5
RDN exam review course $400
Parking There is no cost for parking on the Sacramento campus. There may be a cost to one or more affiliated supervised experiential learning sites (at student expense).
Graduation Fee There is no graduation fee.
Estimated Total Cost per Trimester $22,361 to $23,549 (highest includes one-time expenses)
Estimated Total Costs for the Program $90,632 (4 Trimesters)

1Pacific graduate tuition $1,025/credit = $60,475 = $15,375/trimester.
2 Student may submit annual waiver if student has own comprehensive health insurance plan.
3Virtual learning environment with comprehensive Academy Nutrition Care Process-centered case studies used in experiential learning.
4Educational Electronic Health Record (EHR) and learning platform, for proficiency in technology/informatics.
5Fee was going to be paid for by department so students could go to FNCE but not if paying for RDN exam review course.

ServSafe Manager Certification

You may choose either method below:

  • DPD students with certificate: $0.00
  • ServSafe Manager Course with Online Proctored Exam: $135
  • ServSafe Manager Book (7th Ed) with Online Exam Voucher $68
  • Certification due no later than Oct. 15, 2020

ServeSafe Manager Website: