Graduate Tuition

Note: The program and university reserve the right to modify or change admission standards, tuition, and or fees without prior notice and effective immediately.

For more information about applying for financial aid to assist with your educational costs, please see our Graduate Financial Aid page.

Fall 2023 | Spring 2024

Program Cost Per Unit Total Units
Accounting, MAcc $1,653* 30
Athletic Training, MS $973 60
Audiology, AuD $976 124
Behavioral Psychology, MA1 $1,653* 30
Biological Sciences, MS1 $1,653* 32
Business Administration, MBA (Online) $1,285 36
Business Analytics, MS $1,653** 31
Clinical Nutrition, MS $1,025 59
Communication, MA1 $1,653* 32
Computer Science, MS (Online) $1,280 30
Computer Science, MS (In-Person) $1,605* 30
Counseling Psychology, PsyD $1,174 89
Cybersecurity, MS (Online) $1,280 31
Data Science, MS $1,620 32
Benerd College Graduate Certificates $885 varies
Education, MA — Counseling Psychology1 $1,139 32-63
Education, MA — Learning, Innovation and Design  $1,139 32
Education, MA — Teaching + Credential1 $1,139 32-35
Education, EdD — Counseling Psychology1 $1,174 56-83
Education, EdD — Leadership & Innovation1 $1,174 56
Education, EdD — Transformative Action in Education1 $1,174 56
Engineering, MS1 $1,605* 30
Finance, MS $1,653** 31
Health, Exercise & Sport Sciences, MA1 $1,653* 32
Health Science, DHSc $1,000*** 27-36
Juridical Science, JSD (Continuing Students) $1,490 12
Juridical Science, JSD (New Students) view here 12
Law, MS $1,500 26
Laws, LLM $1,490 24
Leadership, MA — Leading for Social Justice1 $1,139 32
Leadership, MA — Organizational Innovation & Change1 $1,139 32
Medical Science, DMSc $1,000*** 27-36
Music Education, MM1 $1,653* 33
Music Therapy, MA1 $1,653* 32-55
Nursing, Entry-Level MSN $1,056 90
Occupational Therapy, OTD $1,105 120
Pharmaceutical & Chemical Sciences (MS/PhD)1 $1,653* 32-45
Physical Therapy, DPT view here 111
Physician Assistant Studies, MPAS view here 114
Public Administration, MPA $1,500 36
Public Policy, MPP $1,500 44
School Psychology, EdS1 $1,174 48-66
Social Work, MSW $1,025 32-55
Speech-Language Pathology, MS $1,483 56-88

*Summer term tuition discounts apply. For more information visit our Summer Sessions Tuition page.

**Tuition for the Master of Science in Business Analytics and Master of Science in Finance programs will be discounted at 25% for students starting in the Fall 2023 term. There will be no discount available for new students starting in Spring 2024 or later.

1 Graduate Assistantships available to help finance your degree. For more information visit our Graduate Assistantships page.

Note: Tuition discount rates are subject to change for future academic terms. Per-unit tuition rates are estimated based on the standard unit enrollment per program per semester. Rates may differ if enrolled in more or fewer units.


Graduate Fees

Fall 2023 | Spring 2024 | Summer 2024

Fee Notes Cost Per Term
Wellness Center Fee For students enrolled in 9+ units, and all students who reside in University Housing. $200
  For students enrolled in 0.5-8.5 units. $100
  For each summer session, students enrolled in 1+ units. $67
Activity & Rec Center Fee For students enrolled in 9+ units. $80
  For students enrolled in 0.5-8.5 units. $40
ASUOP Student Activity Fee   $30
Sacramento Student Government Fee For students enrolled in Sacramento law programs. $50
Student Health Insurance Fee2   TBD

2 Can be waived with proof of applicable health insurance.

Note: Additional program fees may apply, depending on the program. Please visit the individual program webpage for more information.

For more information on housing costs, please visit the Residential Life & Housing page.


Professional Tuition & Fees


For more detailed information on graduate and professional tuition and fees, please our Student Accounts page.

The university reserves the right to change fees, modify services or change its programs at any time and without prior notice.

Wellness Center, ASUOP, Activity and Recreation fees, and class and lab fees are non-refundable after the last day to add.

The student health insurance plan is not refundable after 30 days from the start of the term and is not refundable if a claim has been filed. 

For information about student health insurance programs and requirements, see the Health Insurance Office.